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Play Therapy Instruction


Texas State University currently offers two graduate-level university courses through the Professional Counseling Program. Students enrolled in the Professional Counseling Program may take both courses thus earning a total of 117.5 hours of play therapy instruction (see table below). These hours can be used toward earning the Registered Play Therapist (RPT) credential.

Courses offered are:

Supervised Clinical Experience

Students may also earn direct client contact hours while seeing play therapy clients in Clinical Practicum (COUN 5689) and Site-Based Internship (COUN 5389) if they are placed in a course with a faculty member who is a Registered Play Therapist - Supervisor (RPT-S).

Verification of Play Therapy Instruction

The Association for Play Therapy (APT) provides guidance on requirements to earn the Registered Play Therapist (RPT) credential. Here is a link: RPT Standards, Application, and FAQ. Please refer any questions regarding RPT requirements to APT at APT Contact Us. For individuals who obtain their play therapy training through graduate programs, APT provides some leniency in the three-phase approach described in the RPT requirements. Read their letter to universities for more information.

The table below provides a breakdown of play therapy instruction for the two play therapy courses offered at Texas State University based on content areas listed in the RPT Standards.

Course Play Therapy History Play Therapy Seminal or Historically-Significant Theories Play Therapy Skills and Methods Play Therapy Special Topics Applicant's Choice Total
Minimum instructional hours required by APT to become an RPT 5 55 50 25 15 150
COUN 5369 - Child & Adolescent Counseling Methods 2 10 20 18   50
COUN 5373 - Intermediate Methods in Play Therapy 3 25 30 7.5 2.5 67.5
Texas State Instruction Subtotal 5 35 50 27.5 0 117.5
Hours still needed in play therapy instruction to become an RPT 0 20 0 0 12.5 32.5

Non-Degree Seeking Students

Mental health professionals who are not currently enrolled in the Texas State University Professional Counseling Program but have completed a master's in counseling or a related mental health area are able to enroll at Texas State University as a non-degree seeking student and then are eligible to take two courses: COUN 5369 - Child and Adolescent Counseling Methods and COUN 5373 - Intermediate Methods in Play Therapy. Please note that Child and Adolescent Counseling is a required pre-requisite and must be taken before Intermediate Methods in Play Therapy.

The Non-Degree Seeking Student information can be found here.